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Qualityful skin care product in Bangladesh | Skin Care product | baby Skin Care | men Skin Care | women Skin Care | MOTHERS CARE. Pick Qualityful skin care product at best price from in Bangladesh.

In this category, there are several products for the skin care of babies, women’s as well as of men’s. The structure is as follows:

Baby Toiletries: Baby Toiletries in Bangladesh | Kids Toiletries | Toiletries | mothers care. Buy Baby Toiletries at best price from in Bangladesh.

Baby Body Wash

As baby’s skin is so delicate, therefore a body wash is necessary which does not cause any irritation or rashes. We all know most of the adult body wash has chemicals, so you need to purchase baby body wash to keep your baby clean and fresh. You can purchase Johnson’s Baby Top to Toe Bath, Sebamed Baby Wash Extra Soft, Pigeon Active Baby Wash, Aveeno Baby Body wash, and Chicco Body Wash and Shampoo, among others. You can also buy a body wash comparing to the skin type of your child. You can find baby bath care products available for dry, oily, and sensitive skins in mother’s care.

Baby Lotions and Creams

Baby lotions & creams are mandatory products to keep your baby’s skin soft, supple, and smooth. Baby Dove, Aveeno, Cetaphil, Johnson’s, Eucerin are the best brands. From those brands, you can find multiple types of lotions and creams in our store.

Baby Soaps

As we’re talking about baby bath care products, baby soaps are also a wonderful option for babies. There are organic and non-organic soaps available online, and those are lightly scented to keep your child fresh for a long time. We’ve Johnson’s, Babi Mild brand’s soap available in our store for your baby.

Baby Powders

Baby powders are very essential product for your baby’s skin, especially in the time of summers, when your baby’s skin becomes dry and comfortable. Diaper rashes can be removed by using powder which keeps your baby happy. From Babi Mild to Johnson’s, you can buy baby powder from mother’s care of several brands.

Baby Shampoo

Baby shampoo is another necessary baby bath and skin care essentials to keep your child healthy and hygienic. We have shampoos for various hair-related concerns, such as dryness care, anti-dandruff, scalp cleansing, nourishment and moisturisation, etc. reasons.

Baby Wipes: Baby wipes are also known as wet wipes. Baby wipes are very handy and generally come in sets so you can conveniently carry them when you are out for shopping or even during travelling. Many leading brands like Aveeno, Pigeon, Pureen etc. offer baby wipes that are free from substances that are harmful to sensitive skin. As baby’s skin is extremely sensitive by nature, baby wipes are made of extra-soft materials. These wipes also offer additional services like moisturizing and protection of skin. Some wipes are also lightly scented by which your baby can look, feel, and smell good all the day long. You can use these to wipe off your baby’s bodily discharges, just before wearing your baby into new diapers. These wipes can also be used to wipe off food residue and other stains from your baby’s face and body during eating.

The Body Shop: The Body Shop brand is a manufacturer of body and beauty care products. We do believe that true beauty comes from the heart. To the women, beauty is much more than just a beautiful face. The Body Shop products include your body care, toiletries, facials, skincare and hair care needs and are available at All the body shop products have natural raw ingredients. They do not use animal products. The Body Shop brand believes that true beauty comes from your self-confidence, vitality and of course positive human thoughts. The body shop products includes sleeping mask, facial oil, moisture cream, eye cream, eye mask, hair mask, lotion, body butter etc.

Bath & Hair Care: Bath and Hair Care product in Bangladesh | Bath Care product | Hair Care product | Mothers Care. Buy Bath and Hair Care product at best price from in Bangladesh.

mother’s care has a huge collection of bath & hair care products. In order to look presentable, one must take utmost care of their hair with dressing up. You can maintain a daily routine for yourself and follow the shine in your hair. For example, you can take a decision to wash your hair every alternate day and you can oil your hair on the weekends. This way, you will be providing the maximum care and nourishment to your hair following a weekly basis routine. Browse our collection of products for your hair and add them quickly to your cart now. As we said above, we have a huge collection of hair care products and accessories that you can choose from. Kaminomoto, L'Oréal, Neutrogena, Boots, Alpecin are some of the top brands.

Body Care: Best Body Care product in Bangladesh | Body Butter | Body Wash | Body Lotion | mothers care. Order Best Body Care product at best price from in Bangladesh.

It is not very tough to show some care to your skin. During every shower, everyone’s skins natural moisture content will be disturbed. Therefore to restore this balance, it’s a must that you nourish your skin with body moisturisers and creams. You could check out CareVe Moisturising Lotion, Boots No7 products, Victoria’s Secret Water Lotion, Cataphil Body Care products etc. which is suitable for use on your face, hands, and body.

Face Care: Buy best Face Care product at best price from in Bangladesh.

Let’s start with the basics, face washes and moisturisers or sunscreens. The process of skin care starts with when you wash it. Therefore start yours on the right note with face cleansers which are specially formulated for various purposes such as Eucerin Ultra Sensitive Day Cream, Boots No7 Face products, Olay moisturiser cream, Estee Lauder Face Mask, Pond’s age miracle etc.

Skin Care for Men: Men Skin Care product in Bangladesh | Men Cream | mothers care. Get Men Skin Care product at best price from in Bangladesh.

We’ve a variety collection of skin care products for men. Boots No.7, L'Oréal, Garnier, Nivea are some of the top brands available for men in mother’s care.

Oral Care: From the time of your child’s birth, it is needed to look after his/her dental health. mother’s care has the good-quality baby oral care products by which you can prevent your baby’s cavities and other problems so that your baby can be happy and cheerful all the time. First consult your child’s doctor, then you can find the best dental care products for your little one from us. Some of the brands that you will come across are Colgate, Sensodyne, Boots, Oral-B. So if you start them from his/her young age, then your little one will raise up to take care of his/her teeth at all times.

Shaving & Accessories: Shaving Accessories in Bangladesh | Shaving Foam | Shaving cream | Shaving Gel | mothers care. Pick Shaving Accessories at best price from in Bangladesh.

Shaving machines are easy to use and loaded with safety specifications which are more of a necessity than a luxury. Before we look through the features, let’s take a look at the types of shavers available in mother’s care. We have after shave lotion, cool water, shaving razor, shaving foam, mustache & beard color etc.

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