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Oral Care product in Bangladesh | Oral Care Set | Tooth Brush | Toothpaste | Mothers Care

Your infant will erupt their first set of teeth between the ages of 6 and 8 months. It's time for you to start prioritizing your child's sensitive gums and baby's tiny teeth when it comes to dental care. Shop from a wide selection of carefully picked brands, such as Carter’s, Firefly, Colgate, Farlin, Oral-B, etc., in our collection of baby oral care products, including baby toothbrushes, baby toothbrush stands, baby toothpastes, and baby tongue cleaners.

From the moment of birth, your little angel's oral health has to be taken care of. You can stop tooth decay (cavities) and other issues with high-quality infant oral care products, allowing your child to always be their joyful and cheery selves. The greatest dental care items for your child may be found online after thorough consultation with their doctor. You may encounter brands like Carter’s, Firefly, Colgate, Farlin, Oral-B. Your child will learn to take care of his or her teeth at all times if you start them early.

Buy Baby Toothbrush online in Bangladesh

You as a parent could wait weeks for those tiny pearly whites to appear. All you can do in the meanwhile is take pleasure in seeing your child fidget and slobber while wearing that gummy smile. Those small teeth will ultimately show up a few months later, and two or three years later, two rows of baby teeth will appear. Even though these newborn teeth are tiny, their significance cannot be undermined because of their size. Future adult teeth are temporarily held in place by these small teeth. Healthy teeth and gums must be maintained. In the process of digestion, teeth are crucial. They are also crucial for speech development and crystal-clear communication. Because of this, it's crucial to preserve and care for your child's teeth and gums.

How to Take Care of Those Pink Gums and Those Little Teeth

You don't have to use a baby toothbrush right away to take care of your baby's dental health. Take care of the baby's gums first. Here's how to go about it:

A small container of warm water and a piece of gauze or muslin fabric are required. Wrap your finger with a thin layer of wet towel. Make sure your nails are not sharp. Gently wipe both the upper and lower gums. In one motion, they softly clean the tongue. The movements have to be made from the rear of the tongue toward the mouth's aperture. Make cautious not to go too far inside their mouths as this might trigger a gag response. Do this procedure twice. When finished, clean your entire face with a moist wipe. Don't forget to end by giving him or her a forehead kiss. Repeating this procedure before night can also stop germs from adhering to your baby's gums. Your baby's teeth may become harmed by the sticky plaque that the germs in his or her mouth leave behind. When your child is old enough to use a baby toothbrush, all of this gets simpler. You may clean your baby's mouth with a finger brush or an infant toothbrush once they are a few months old.

When Your Baby's Teeth Show up

You must get a baby toothbrush for your child. The bristles of baby toothbrushes are gentle. These bristles are gentle on your child's gums and teeth. The head of a baby toothbrush should be tiny. Considering how little your baby's mouth is, this makes it simple and safe to use. You should choose a baby toothbrush with a big handle. This makes moving the toothbrush simple.

Baby Toothpaste price in Bangladesh

During the early stages of tooth development, you should be especially delicate and cautious while handling your baby's mouth. Use a finger brush or an infant toothbrush to gently brush your kid's tongue and gums if they are still a baby. Use a baby toothbrush with soft bristles once your child develops teeth. When cleaning your baby's new teeth, keep in mind to be gentle. Currently, just use water. Unless the dentist has advised it, you shouldn't use toothpaste straight soon. Even in areas where there are no visible teeth, you may gently massage your baby's gums using a baby toothbrush or finger brush. Your tiny one will become accustomed to the toothbrush's feel as a result. In this way, he or she might learn that brushing is enjoyable by having a toothbrush in his or her mouth, either with or without some baby toothpaste. This reassures your child that cleaning their teeth won't be a scary or upsetting event.

When is the right time to use Baby Toothpaste

Toothpaste should not be used to infants under the age of two. This is done for a reason. Your newborn baby would not yet have acquired the necessary abilities to spit up the toothpaste.

When your child reaches the appropriate age, you should only use baby toothpaste since it has the necessary amount of fluoride. Sometimes adult toothpaste can be too potent. Try using a natural or organic toothpaste that isn't too potent if your infant is complaining about it. To find out when to switch to a fluoride-based toothpaste, see your child's dentist. The pediatrician of your kid is another option.

Baby tongue cleaner price in BD | Baby finger toothbrush in BD

In the past, people cleaned their teeth and tongues with branches from Neem trees. The Neem tree is renowned for its ability to strengthen immunity and fight off infections. However, modern people also choose to use rubber or plastic tongue cleaners instead of using those made of metals like copper, stainless steel, and so on. In western societies, tongue washing gained traction between the 15th and 19th centuries. People discovered that cleansing the tongue eliminates bad smell, improves dental health, and even enhances taste bud activity. However, using the wrong tools or using too much energy when cleaning your tongue might be uncomfortable and unhealthy. This is especially true for infants whose mouths are so fragile that you need to use baby tongue cleaners that are expressly made for that age group. Baby tongue cleansers are available from companies like Farlin, B&G, and others on online marketplaces like motherscare.store. Here are some things to think about, though, before you purchase for newborn baby tongue cleaners.

Baby’s Age

When choosing tongue cleaners for your infant, your first consideration should be their age. A newborn baby's body is still developing and needs to be handled carefully because it is still adjusting to the outside world.

Newborn Baby Tongue Cleaner

A newborn infant solely drinks breast milk and lacks any teeth. So, while it is good to clean your baby's mouth after each feeding session, you don't require items that are difficult to use at this point. Simply clean your baby's mouth with a piece of gauze; the material is abrasive enough for the tongue.

Baby Tongue Cleaner

You may choose a finger-glove toothbrush with soft bristles and a few ridges on the rear that can serve as a tongue cleaner after your kid is over six months old and has begun developing teeth. This toothbrush may easily fit on your finger, and you can use it to gently brush your baby's teeth and cleanse his or her tongue. As your child becomes older, you may talk to your pediatrician about your child's oral health and then purchase items like toothpaste, a baby toothbrush, and baby tongue cleaners depending on their advice.

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